Casey Stewart Photography | About

I have always had a passion for photography although when I trained originally I used film and spent many hours in the dark room developing my images.  Digital photography, with its versatility is my preference at the moment however I intend to bring film back into my work in the future as it lends itself to my fine art style. 

My passion for Scotland, with all its beauty is reflected in my photography and the stunning scenery inspires me constantly, pushes me and keeps me close to nature. ​Photography for me is about capturing people, moments or subjects in a natural way.

​No two photographers are alike with style, character and personality shining through their work. When booking a photographer couples should follow their instinct and if they "click" then the resulting images will reflect this.

My work has been published and my photographs feature on the Scottish Wedding Directory as well as other publications & blogs, all of which I am very proud of.

​I am passionate about wedding photography and love shooting when surrounded by people who share my vision. Capturing peoples memories, those unique moments in time is the reason I enjoy my work so much and I will continue to do so for many more years to come.